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 RVRTW official rang list/rules

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PostSubject: RVRTW official rang list/rules   Sun May 08, 2016 1:08 am

This is the first known official rtw rang list. This list will only take in to account validated results from international tournaments. Internal and restricted tournaments will not be considered. Points will be taken from all known tournaments since May 2014: counting both 1v1s and team tournaments.
The numerical criterion for a tournament to be considered is 16 participants for 1v1s, and 8 teams for team tournaments.

Unfinished tournaments will not be considered.
Besides skill, this list will reflect activity.

1.For every passing into a next round, a player gets 15 points.
2.For every victory, the defeated player is given 5 points(No matter the number of victories, the number of points will be 5. It is important to strip 1 victory from the player who passed into the next round).
3.For passing a group competition, 20 points are given.
4.If there is a group competition, victories over the passing player are not counted in favor of the losing player, but clear victories over players are. 5 points are given for this.
5.For winning the tournament, 10 bonus points are given.
6.If player's results on an ongoing tournament are worse than those of a previous tournament, he is given -10 points.
7. For not participating, player simply doesn't get points. If the player misses 3 tournaments in a row, he starts to get negative points. For every subsequent missed tournament the player is given -10 points
8.For the Cup of Nations tournament, all points are doubled, both in group and elimination stages. Group stage will have 10 points; elimination system will have 30 and 10 points. Negative points won't be doubled here. For winning this tournament, a player gets 20 bonus points.
9.For Roma Victor tournament all points are doubled. Because there is only elimination stage, there will be 30 and 10 points to be given. Negative points won't be doubled. For winning this tournament 20 bonus points are given.
10.For the Barbarian Warlord tournament all points are doubled. Because there is only elimination stage, there will be 30 and 10 points to be given. Negative points won't be doubled. For winning this tournament 20 bonus points are given.
11.For some special awards like winner signatures of groups stage on CoN, 5 points are given.
12.For team battles, points will be given only for passing into the next round, and it will be 5 points per player on a team. For winning the tournament, 10 extra points are given to the players of the winner team.
13.The minimal amount of points that a player can have is zero. When a player reaches zero points, he will be removed from the list.
14.For league tournament places 1-5 will be awarded with 80-40 points. If there are more than 20 participants, then places 6-10 get 10 points. The winner gets 10 bonus points.
15.For flash tournaments only the winner gets 5 points.
16.Team and flash tournaments are not bounded by the rules of negative points.
17.Only CWB rules tournaments are considered.
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RVRTW official rang list/rules
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