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PostSubject: hello   Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:23 am

You never know when such forums may be useful.
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PostSubject: Re: hello   Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:04 am

I have some thoughts.

Right now hos clan is very weak and almost dead.

The only thing, which can reanimated this dead hos body is war between iow vs rv or coh vs iow or coh vs rv. We need keep calm.

Some players try to manipulate, spread propaganda, faking screens just to make hostile between our 3 clans. Few days ago Nermin started insulting me. Only because he belived that coh are now kind of hos ally lol.

This is obvious that rv and coh differ in their views and had hard past. However the best way is to keep calm mind and play this game with friends without unecesary drama. We do not intend to engage in any trolling.
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PostSubject: Re: hello   Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:01 pm

Yes, HoS is weak, but they are in the move.
They noticed RTW is reviving, so I really dont know from what reason this time, but they want to spoil everything, once again.
I ll give you also the names of the conspirators. From HoS side field job doing Madgeh and Luke, and poisoning Kleomenis and Terminator. Which again supporting HoS propaganda and then trying to manipulate some players in our clans and wider.
Good job with Terminator, but if you check TWH, you ll see he is now openly friend with HoS. I am not suggesting anything further in relations between him and CoH, just be even more careful. Also not just openly attacking me and RV, he showed to be extreme right wing, which can only damage the picture of CoH as international and friendly clan.
Kleomenis is really really extreme right wing. I ve noticed every time when I was on steam he was massively insulting Jews on most disgusting ways. Knowing Nermin, he really liked it and he is now close friend with Kleo. So, I guess he was poisoned by Kleomenis.
Nermins and fatihs extreme connections to religion must be stopped, at least publicaly, therefore I ll try to speak with them on all these matters.
The thing Nermin dont know is that the same Kleomenis on steam told me personally few times how his father teached him several times that Serbians were nothing but a victims in Yugoslavian civil wars, and they despice other Yugoslavian people. Even, I am Serb, I can tell all this is bullshit.
This Kleo is a tricky guy, just like all other GREEKs. Remember when Diomidis played finale of RV2 with Tac and was insulting him w/o any reason. Since then Dio dont speak with me kinda at all and I still dont know reason why.
For now we should be careful of these 2 and separate Nermin from this possible conspiracy. I spoke with TAoWs which still keep some relations with HoS and TWH and they mentioned me that ofc Aragon is behind all this.
When this guy is in the move, its more dangerous than entire HoS and their minions.
I ll talk to Tara and TAoWs to keep him busy on TWH, so we can consolidate and destroy any kind of threat.
At this point as major threat I can see the rising of extreme right wing, same in our ranks as just on entire RTW world and world at all. HoS and their allies proved they are rightists or at least that they support them, in best case they dont mind them.

I suggest we try to supress any spark of such ideologies within our ranks and to condamn publicaly when someone have outburst of such radical ideas. They ae gathering around that, and I can see that as their major weapon, cause tbh entire planet starting to be united in deep hatred between different religions, nations, ethnicity and all kinds of diferences. It must be stopped in the root of such attempts.

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PostSubject: Re: hello   

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