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 RTW is dead!

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PostSubject: RTW is dead!   Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:41 am

Dont take the name of this topic as too real, cause game is very active. But competitive RTW finally came to an end.

--When I started playing this game online on GR, somewhere in the mid of 2013, I wanted to become good player. I enjoyed in game cause I met some good people around and cause I was improving daily. I had a lot of free time, caused sometimes by good events in my life and sometimes cause of bad things happening around. In either case, RTW was something where I could enjoy whenever I come online on GR.
--Most of these good people, when I think better, everyone stopped playing and actually never reached even decent noob level. One of them was one of my best friends in real life Eagle. At 1st I was against joining any clan, but after 1st successes against some clanies around, we decided to fund our noob clan Ww3(World war 3). We had 5 members, but we didnt last long, cause we decided to join RV clan, so that we can have new decent RTW clan.
--Back then I couldnt even dream how toxic this community can be.
--I still enjoyed in this game as much as you can imagine. Taking more serious this game, I won all active players (RTW was very weak back then), all untill on that road didnt stopped me Stalin, Zeke and Tacitus. After that I got invitations from many clans to join(BE, SoH, CoH, HoS, TAoW even USSR, maybe even more clans, but that doesnt matter now really).
--RV was BE training clan, so joining BE was just the matter of time actually. As entire RTW back then both BE and RV was passing trough rough time. BE was dyiing and RV leader went inactive, therefore me as the most reperesentative RV member, decided to sacrifice old clan BE and remain in new clan RV. Turned out that RV outlived and achieved much more than BE ever did. I agreed with Blinx to reperesent SoH on Game Spy, but GS was very quiskly shut down, so SoH died with it too.
--The last option to join remined CoH, which was the only clan in which I ever saw myself beside RV. Thinking from this perspective, I cant even imagine how I was wrong.
--Finally, I decided to stay in RV for good.
--Over time RTW started recovering under peacefull coexistance between CoH(as the ruller of the community) and RV as a supporter of CoH. RV recruited, trained and gave to the community around 30 new players, which was incredible job and incredible boost for dying RTW community.
--RV got 1st victories on tournaments and finally Frozenman, aka Alex fov, finally won 1st signature for RV.
Soon after that I ve noticed 1st signs of rivalry from other clans. Still it was all within limits of the passionate battlefrenzy and fair play.
--Word of RTW GR activity reached to the ears of some old RTW players and clans. Not sure that those guys knew that was mostly the work of RV clan.
--Kubee and Lancer funded TWH, which at the start gathered all clans on one place except russian clans and CoH. Russians started being inactive that period and CoH openly started boycott that site, cause of bad blood from the past. Later everyone joined TWH except CoH leader.
--TWH continued job which RV started and soon united entire community on one place. That was a time when many new clans joined the community also. For a short period RTW community was one big family.
But very soon appeared 1st signs of a problems. Some of the (inactive) players started making plots and schemes, which was interesting to some younger new members of the community. Very soon entire clans started being involved in such things becoming nothing but a puppets in the hands of those who were pulling the strings behind the scene.
--1st skirmishes started between smaller clans, while big clans started taking sides for future conflict(s). 1st signes of a real war between serious clans were obvious when some RV and CoH members, obviously abused by a 3rd party started attacks on the most representative members of both sides. I wont give the names, but everyone knows what was happpening back then. Real cause for war between RV and CoH was as I ve said, abuse by a 3rd party(as it is now-obviously!), while direct rise was false accusation of Nidintu, that I am a cheater. That was enough for RV Senate and finally entire clan to send ultimatum to CoH clan to change its attitude after months of pestering. Also note that RV retreated several times before CoH, before this situation, and that RV Senate reacted every time when CoH was complaining on some RV members( not cause RV was affraid, but because ME at 1st thought its right thing to do).
--CoH refused to accept any of RV demands which was enough for RV to declare war on CoH. RV was supported by TWH and literaly all other clans, but we were nothing more but a puppets in their hands. I realized that even before that war, but RV was pushed over the edge and pride didnt allowed to turn back.
And while CoH and RV were destroying each other, the 3rd party risen.
--Many players left CoH and RV and political positions of both clans weakened greatly. CoH won the war by the results and cause I admited defeat, to avoid humiliation. The result was 12-2 in favour of CoH, but it was unrealistic. It was obvious that RV had insider within its ranks. Cause of that RV declared victory, cause CoH broke the rules of war, but on MY order to RV Senate, RV decided to accept the results of war as draw.
TWH insisted on blockade of CoH, which RV, again directly on MY command refused as an option.
--The road for complete HoS domination was clear and opened.
--I was so frustrated cause of previous events and decided to quit playing RTW for a month or even more, cant remember. I simply couldnt believe into what one game can turn to become.
--When I returned, I ve noticed that RTW recovered very quickly and actually didnt even noticed suffer of RV and CoH, cause many clans were active. The rule of HoS began, and RV as some sort of HoS ally, had decent position in new order. For renewing relations with CoH was good to know that there was funded new clan from a players who left RV and CoH after the war.
--RTW started reaching its peak of a quality(ever?) and peak in activity(since I have appeared). It was 2nd half of 2015 if I havent mistaken.
--I ve noticed immediately I dont like the atmosphere of this new order under HoS sciptar. Insults were given for free, not just on a daily basis, but every minute, literaly w/o any reason. Weaker players started leaving the game, and some old good players too. I ve also noticed that HoS wont accept RV as equal in this new order and soon Dacder demanded free pass over Titan, who was GoTW back then, even acording to the rules Titan should have get free pass. Dacder went that far, where he openly called RV vassal of HoS and threatened us with war if we dont accept his demands. For RV Senate that was crossing of the red line, and after that we started openly trolling him. But he was right and declaration of war came swiftly from HoS side.
Zeke stopped this 1st shitstorm between RV and HoS, but till Zeke intervened, RV Senate started seaking for a help from other clans, which was enough for Aragon(who wasnt even HoS that time) to declare eternal war on RV. Soon he became HoS and official declaration of war came from HoS on RV.
--RV diplomatic position was very weak that time, but the major weapon of RV that time was ultimate hatred toward Aragon of most of the community back then. Personally, I think that to some clans it was interesting to see new clan had balls to confront mighty HoS, while all others were aside, so they were giving us new support. Further, I think, nothing of this would work if it wasnt for Kubee and Lancer, who also gave us silent support on TWH, but imo only cause their member was attacked directly in that situation also.
--Aragon managed to drive away many of RV supports from this games with his filthy behavior, so HoS started turning the tides of that cold war. CoH stabbed us in the back one again(for the 3rd time) and joined in filthy propaganda against RV together with HoS. In such situation, even more RV supporters stopped playing the game, or from the possibility to find themselves in the situation in which was RV, decided to change the sides.
--These were 1st signes of a clear decaying of RTW activity due to stupid conflicts.
--RV decided to change the tactic and policy and we returned to our roots and started with policy of a massive recruiting, to replace with new members those who left RTW for good. We funded our training clan, which produced all together with RV in that period some new 30 players for this game.
--RV became the most massive clan and with RR had some 40 members. It was hard to control entire clan, so it became corrupted once again from inside. VT Gaming and Tara faked screens where IoW clan calling for war against HoS, which was enough for Aragon to go in new crusade, this time against IoW and CoH. The war started, but RV didnt wanted to take sides. Still, again ME personally wanted to repare mistake made by my corrupted clanmates and decided publicaly to supprt IoW/CoH alliance, again, not cause of something, but because I thought it was right thing to do.
--HoS propaganda meanwhile spread everywhere, so they took control over the tourneys. Almost every admin decided to accept any HoS demand, exactly, the thing RV didnt wanted to accept.
--Surprisingly IoW/CoH won the war, and Daud made a declaration which signed almost every clan leader, where is said that a side which lose will be blocked by the community forever. I was the last clan leader to sign that thing, literaly the last one, cause I was against. I remmeber that Kubee also agitated me to sign that shit.
--But after cheating on a tourneys spread even against RV( Lukes clear red line camping on a Gladiator tourney), I didnt had 2nd thought and signed Dauds declaration.
--I remember that CoH and IoW were near extinction, so beside all this I felt like right thing to help them survie(right thing to save RTW too)(even after 3 backstabing by CoH). Just wasnt fair that the winners of war actually lose.
Blockade against HoS has been started.
Gladiator left 70% of the players, and HoS was blockaded on most of the next tourneys from participating.
--RV reasons to join the blockade were clear and transparent. We joined cause of reasons of repeating cheating and to help to IoW and CoH to survive.
IoW reasons were revange I guess, and cause they suffered much during that war. It was also justified.
CoH reasons were obviously political and nothing more.
The reign of The Alliance IoW/CoH/RV has began.
--During that 1st blockade, there wasnt major clan in The Alliance who was pulling the strings. But could be said that both RV and CoH were ready to accept most of what IoW decides, I guess cause IoW was the official winner of the war against HoS.
--Soon came the time of CoN, and the community voted for blockade of Hos. HoS was ready literaly ready to accept most of The Alliance demands, but me and Nermin and negotiators in the name of RV and IoW, again LITERALY felt pity toward HoS and excluded CoH, who kept only political blockade against HoS, from negotiations. We made an agreement and allowed to HoS to participate on CoN.
HoS immediately started breaking the rules of that agreement, which I used as an excuse to cheat on CoN and play with two accounts.

--Arguments continued, and soon was risen another blockade of The Alliance against HoS, this time under RV rule. RV clan, never wasnt the strongest by skill, but that was the period when was the most influental politicaly.
--TWH declared open support to HoS, but that wasnt enough to successfuly repeal power of The Alliance. The Alliance remained the most significant power in RTW policy, while RV was the most influential clan.
--Period of the 2 blockades is remembered as the period of RTW stagnation, which was actually very good, cause before that people were leaving this game and the numbers of the RTW players was lower from day to day.
--As an ultimate surprise, came downfall of RV clan from inside.
Coup D`etat happened, which was the end of RV political supremacy as well as the end of The Alliance and its power.
2nd rule of HoS has began.
--Everyone can fucking agree, that this was the dark age of RTW history, cause it was remembered as death of RTW activity. Something I was saying for a very long time that will happend, if comes to the 2nd rule of HoS.

--At the end of 2016, old RV member Goodwin returned and NRV became RV once again. RV raised activity once again. Me and Goodwin did astonishing job and revived not just RV, but entire community once again.
--We started recruiting once again, and CoN under BiA rule, with RV support was big success, after dying situation of RTW.
--Still, demon(retard?) never sleep. So the 3rd party interfered once again(Aragon=Obvious!) and decided to ruin hard work of others.
CoH turned against RV(this time literaly from no reason!!!) and backstabbed us for the 4th time!!!
RV5 tourney was blockaded by many, which brought RTW activity to the catastrophic level(never worse). Still RV5 showed almost 100% of the activity and to be much more successful over tourneys which organized blockadists.
However my humble oppinion is that RV5 will be remembered as the last serious tourney ever in RTW history!(and only with 16 participants).
RIP competitive RTW 2004-2017.

Facts are that almost every clan literaly hate all other clans in the community. That will be hard, imo impossible to repair mistakes and renew relations after so much reckless hatred and idiocy. There is 0 will and passion to recruit new players in every clan around. And there is 0 perspective for prosperous RTW.
Beside all these major problems, there are also technical problems with windows 10, which also make things difficult for RTW.

Facts are that RV YT channel was deleted 2x, that I have been called with hundreds of insulting names, that many were whishing me to die with all kinds of death, that some of the members of this community were showing enourmous ammount of happiness when some of the emmbers of my family would die and that everyone who hates me have 0 reasons to hate me!

Facts are that RV produced around 100! new players for this community, that RV saved several times RTW from extinction and that RV was the center of RTW since RV appeared on this scene in all good and bad events which struck this community.

After all these facts, I am ready to fogive and forget all the bad things, for the one last attempt to help to this community to survive. Literaly to everyone! except an idiot who was behind all this shit and all of you know its Aragon, who is obviously sick person. Everyone who want to leave the shit behind and to bury it in the past are welcome to message me on GR. I am ready to start from 0.
RV is ready once again to be the center of reviving of RTW. Accept that or accept the doom of RTW. Its the fact and all of you know it well.
You have the offer, its up to all of you accept it or refuse.

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RTW is dead!
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