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 RV clan decisions

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PostSubject: RV clan decisions   Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:50 pm

On behalf of the RV Senate I bring you several decisions in public:

1.RV as a clan will keep friendly relations with all friendly clans(BiA,BK,BH,USSR,TITANS,TAoW,OTD...) and players and will play friendly games with the same people mentioned before.
2.Most of RV players(if not all) will go into competitive inactivity.
3.RV tournaments and RV award for the player of the year will be aborted till further or forever, until(if ever) situation in RTW community change.
4.Most of RV players will boycott CoN tournaments as long as they are held on Rusleague site. We already suggested to few representative RTW players to transfer it on Clancommunity site, where we hope every player will be respected and where CoN rules wont be broken from the start.
5.We also wish prosperitive community under new HoS/GREEK/CoH/IoW alliance and new RTW overlord Aragon.


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RV clan decisions
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